‘Bourek’: Film Review

An obscure Greek island offers strangers a chance at reinvention.

A hodgepodge of nationalities have a life-altering vacation in Bourek, Vladan Nikolic’s ensemble comedy set on an obscure Greek island. Cross-cultural good vibes and occasional food porn do little to spice up the picture’s limp jokes and reheated hijinks, which will struggle to find viewers even in digital outlets.

Showing little aptitude for screen acting, reality-TV figure William Leroy starts things off as WC Rupperts (prepare for “where’s the WC?” humor), a rich Manhattanite who decamps with his trophy wife to the Greek isle of Khronos when a TV preacher says it will be spared from a coming apocalypse. There the couple stay with Eleni (Katerina Misichroni), the co-owner of a failing seaside lodge. And while nobody else has heard about the alleged apocalypse, many others are mysteriously drawn to Eleni’s place at the same time: a Japanese conceptual artist, a shipwrecked Lybian refugee, Serbian pick-up artist buddies and so on.

The Bottom Line

A low-wattage ensemble comedy in a sunny setting.

RELEASE DATE Apr 29, 2016

All love Eleni’s food, and encourage her to open the inn’s restaurant to outsiders: Cue a “let’s put on a show” storyline in which a real estate developer and unforeseen accidents threaten the viability of this tasty enterprise. An assortment of other stale tropes pile atop this one, including a love interest between Eleni and the amnesia-afflicted stranger she must nurse back to health. Most viewers will suffer their own bout of memory loss regarding this pic.

Distributor: CINEMAflix
Production companies: Surla Films, AMP Filmworks
Cast: William Leroy, Katerina Misichroni, Robert Rees, Marios Iannou
Director-screenwriter-editor: Vladan Nikolic
Producers: Vetia Searcy, Eric Werthman, Vladan Nikolic, Marios Piperides
Director of photography: Vladimir Subotic
Production designer: Lisa Tsouloupas
Composers: Sxip Shirey, Theodore
Casting director: Lydia Georgala

In Serbian, Greek, and English

Not rated, 88 minutes