Single Black Female (2022)

“The idea of the movie is to make a homage/parody of B movies and recreate a distilled grind-house experience, with an oversized budget, A-list star cast and by two top directors, resources that none of the trashy genre movies had. It is a work of love and a guilty pleasure to watch, though the first part, Planet Terror, is much more successful and would rate 9+, while the Tarantino entry is somewhat of a miss. The fake trailers, the first of which resulted in an eventual feature – Machete, are great.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003ePlanet Terror is the very definition of camp, and its only (slight) flaw is how obvious and in-your-face that campiness actually is. This part is action filled, and works perfectly as great, over-the-top, always hilariously fun, gory cheesecake. The second part is slower and somewhat different in tone, and is perhaps better viewed separately, it has its moments but Planet Terror is the superior part.”