24 Frames (2017)

24 Frames (2017)

Director: Abbas Kiarostami

Production Co:

Genre: ,


Duration: 114 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 7/10

Release: 2017

View: 395

What happens in the moments before and after a photograph is taken? 24 Frames answers this question and unites the two artistic languages Kiarostami dedicated his life to. Melancholic and joyous, serious and mischievous, it’s a refined meditation on the passage of time and on the fragility of existence – themes central to the cinema of this revered Iranian director.
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User Reviews: Beautiful film and some frames are striking. It is slow and would take peserverance to sit till the end. I am surprised it’d be shown in HK cinemas which are usually quite commercial – probably because of his big name. I fell asleep from 11-16th frame, then again the last two frames. But no audience left the cinema which I find quite amusing.