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City of Sevilla. Sevilla, Andalucía (south to Spain). The neighborhood of the Las 3.000 Viviendas (The 3,000 Homes or “The 3,000” for short) is a ruthless and cruel place where police, law and order have no power. In this underworld of drug and crime, Juan Santos is a con man with freedom supervised who goes out from the jail to celebrate with his wife Triana the First Communion of Estrella, their only daughter. But during the celebration, Juan’s younger brother Chico and uncle Andrés appear as uninvited guests to offer Juan a business to pass drug into the jail. Rejecting it by fear to lose his prison privileges, Juan, Triana and Estrella back home in car when they have an accident being beaten by another car, killing the child. At the same time, veteran cop Manuel Santacana and younger partner Eli arrive to a murder scene to investigate the killing of four drug traffickers Romanians, finding in it the cops Barroso and his new partner rookie Nando, Manuel’s son, being noticed about the car crash. Discovering that the car that killed Estrella is the same of the Romanians’ killers, Juan meets his mother María, former Santos’ family mob boss expelled from The 3,000 by rival families Fortuna and Taboa, who helps Juan to revenge her granddaughter. Looking for clues, Eli and Manuel question a junkie named Maravilla, noticing the implication of Fortuna family and start a strong police deployment to catch all them, but boss Gordo Fortuna and one of his sons escape while Juan, Andrés and Chico was investigate by their own to find the guilty helped by the neighbors, whose point them a junkie named Kempes as suspect. However, all changes when Eli finds an unexpected and dark relation between the crime with the own Barroso, despite Manuel’s opposition by absence of physical evidences. At the same time Triana checks if she’s pregnant again and Juan and his relatives looking for Fortuna family accepting be a drug mule to obtain information, Eli’s attempts to know the truth better after she locates the long-time wanted Kempes, who blames Barroso and Nando as the Romanians’ killers. But a Kempes cell phone’s check by Eli discloses a new and darker implication between a third cop and Taboa family that forces Eli to run to The 3,000 after she was shot, being saved by chance by Triana and Juan when she almost is killed by junkies. Telling the truth Juan and Triana, Eli allies with the Santos as last hope to reveal all to the open eye, and Juan alerts the family to save them and trace a plan to revenge, in a race against time where there is no warranty to survive.

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