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Closer to GOD (2019)

This modern day Job like tale of an up and coming Christian lawyer who has come a long way from the streets of his childhood. He and his family are faced with several tests to their faith including betrayal, success, death and greed. He is up for becoming partner in his law firm. He has moved his family only 5 minutes away from his old neighborhood to a gentrified, upstart high-class community in order to try to stick close to his roots. The Boss at his law firm tells him after he wins a major case he is a shoe in to get the promotion to full partner. One of his childhood friends is indicted on a murder charge. He takes the case thinking they are innocent and starts to investigate; only later on does the young lawyer find out that the friend is guilty and now he wants to drop the case. Because of his decisions now, his loyalty and his family’s life are put in jeopardy. His old neighborhood is now threatening him and his family for trying to drop the case. A mysterious financier is offering him financial incentives to free his damsel in distress, when refused he sends henchmen to harass his wife and kid and begin threatening to expose some of the old deeds from his past. He is receiving major pressure from his law firm saying that if he loses or drops this case he will hurt his chances of becoming partner in the firm or even lose his job. What shall he do? What will happen next?




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