Deadliest Prey (2013)

Deadliest Prey (2013)

Director: David A. Prior

Production Co:

Genre: ,,


Duration: 80 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 4.8/10

Release: 2013

View: 381

Colonel Hogan is still alive and just getting out of prison on parole, some 28 years later. But he has only one thing in mind and that is revenge on Mike Danton. So once again, Hogan puts together a group of mercenaries, has Danton kidnapped, and the games begin. Only this time Hogan is funded by a huge Internet company in exchange for broadcasting the hunting of Danton over the Internet, worldwide.
Written by
David A. Prior
User Reviews: It’s all here. Wooden acting, terrible plot, cheesy special effects, lots of ridiculous and campy choreography.. And killing everyone. Just, killing everyone all over the dang place.