Garam-2016 more episode


Varala Babu (Aadi) is not good at studies and that is why his father (Tanikella Bharani) scolds him all the time. Their neighbor’s son is well educated and well behaved. Everyone tells Babu to become like him and that irritates him a lot. One day he left the house because of the constant humiliation and challenges his father that he will prove himself.He leaves to Hyderabad to be successful but ends up falling in love with beautiful Muslim girl Sameera (Adah Sharma). They ultimately fall in love. But Sameera herself was facing some trouble from some evil guys. Then Babu explains why he really came to the city to her. Coincidentally in both cases the evil mastermind is the same and Babu ultimately takes revenge on behalf of his friend and lover.

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IMDb: 5.1