Girlfriend Chor s1 e3 Golmaal more episode

Girlfriend Chor s1 e3 Golmaal

Aakash’s parents fake their marriage anniversary as an excuse to invite Neha and Vishal home for dinner. Sunaina talks of Mohan being her soulmate which causes Neha to wonder if Vishal is really hers. Later at night, Vishal gets drunk and talks about his past. Neha is furious and storms out. The couple have a big fight right outside the door with the team listening. When they leave, everyone cheers. The elation lasts until Ritu finds out that the couple is making up by finally having sex, that too in her house. Aakash and Ritu are heartbroken. Aakash’s little brother (PRANAY) doesn’t do as well as expected in his 10th board results. To add to his woes, the girl he likes has topped and she poses happily on the front page of the newspaper with the boy who came second. Sunaina and Mohan are worried to see both their sons depressed.




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