Girlfriend Chor s1 e4 Karma is a Bitch more episode

Girlfriend Chor s1 e4 Karma is a Bitch

Lovelorn, Aakash and Ritu get drunk at night. They sit outside Ritu’s apartment while the lovebirds are inside. Ritu decides to ask Aakash to come upstairs. Aakash is very uncomfortable while Ritu drinks some more. She begins to flirt with Aakash just to spite Vishal. Both Neha and Vishal notice. Unprepared, Aakash pushes Ritu away, but they share a blanket as they watch a web-series. Something begins to spark in Aakash. After Neha goes away to sleep, a drunk Ritu and Vishal talk in the balcony and Aakash feels an unexpected pang seeing them together. He leaves. Hopeful, Ritu reminds Vishal about the time he had once kissed her. The next day, Ritu is hurt when Neha and Vishal announce they are moving in together. Mohan and Sunaina confront their younger son Pranay who accuses them of ignoring him and concentrating only on Aakash. Someone tells Sunaina that it could be their bad karma which is affecting their children. Guiltily, she hunts down her ex-boyfriend Rajeev on Facebook. When Aakash wants to quit with the plan, Mohan tells him a secret – he caused Sunaina to break up with her boyfriend in college. He was the original girlfriend ‘chor’.




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