Girlfriend Chor s1 e5 Girlfriend Chor more episode

Girlfriend Chor s1 e5 Girlfriend Chor

Sunaina forces Mohan to meet Rajeev and apologize for what they did to him. She feels it will lift the bad karma that is affecting her boys. Rajeev is now a successful professor in London. Mohan gets insecure when he sees the new found camaraderie between him and Sunaina. Mohan and Sunaina awkwardly apologize at the end of the meal and Rajeev reminds them that there is no good or evil in love, what matters ultimately is being happy. Mohan is not happy at all when Sunaina invites Rajeev to visit them sometime. Aakash begins to observe Ritu more closely. She decides to leave for Delhi, to get away from it all. Aakash realizes that he has developed strong feelings for her. He doesn’t know what to do. Meanwhile, a turn of events leads to Neha and Vishal breaking up. Ritu lands up at Aakash’s home one night to give the good news and to announce to the team that she has a date with Vishal. After she leaves for her date, Mohan is shocked when he realizes Aakash is in love with Ritu. He berates his son, telling him that his pattern is to only fall for girls who have got committed. But Aakash has understood that there is no good or evil in love – he vows to become a successful girlfriend ‘chor’.




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