Girlz-2019 more episode


Mati’s father a forest officer is transferred to Kolhapur where she takes admission in a new college .Mati has a strict mother and and has restrictions towards her clothes and social media.She makes few friends in her new college and plans a solo trip to Goa.Mati manages to get permission form her father But her mother puts condition that she will have to make her a video call every hour.In Goa Mati meets Rumi who wants her boyfriend back after her break up and Maggie who flirts with boys.Inspired by Maggie’s freedom Mati wants to change herself.But photos of her swimsuit go viral and she is called back by her parents.But Mati elopes on her birthday to Goa to be with Rumi and Maggie on this journey she will meet family members of her friends and experience a lesson of life.

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IMDb: 3.9