Hawk the Slayer (1980)

Hawk the Slayer (1980)

Director: Terry Marcel

Production Co:

Genre: ,,


Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 5.4/10

Release: 1980

View: 1064

Hawk, having suffered the ignominy of watching both his father and fiancée die at the hands of his brother, Voltan, sets out on a quest for companions to aid him in his fight to stop his brother’s reign of evil and free the Abbess.
Written by
Lee Shapiro <[email protected]>
User Reviews: Hawk The Slayer is a British entry in the early 80s craze of sword and sorcery films. Cursed with a totally unsuitable music score, and a wooden leading actor in the shape of John Terry, the film is a largely forgettable fantasy flick in which the negatives far outweigh the positives.