I Can Quit Whenever I Want (2019) more episode

I Can Quit Whenever I Want (2019)

2007. Pedro, Arturo and Eligio are three university students who are looking for graduate hoping to earn respect and money, focusing their efforts in the teachings and not having funny and feasts. But ten years later, 2017, reality is more bitter than they could imagine: Pedro is filing for divorce of his wife Gloria, seeing to his little daughters Clara and Claudia one time per week, being bullied by university’s dean Merino, and giving chemistry classes to Chinese exchange students; Arturo survives as home professor giving private lessons for bad students as Jota, a borderline teen girl who openly despises Arturo; and Eligio is a naive and nerd geek unable to finish his thesis in history who is forced by his desperate parents Rosario and Antonio to work in the gas station of Rosario’s brother with the streetwise and smarter Anabel. Trying to improve his situation, Pedro faces Merino asking funds for his longtime stopped investigation, only to find himself fired. When Arturo and Eligio meet Pedro to pack their things from the laboratory, Arturo learns about Pedro’s investigation: a new pill to increase concentration. With nothing to lose, Arturo tests one pill followed by own Pedro and Eligio, who is forced to test it by the other two. Discovering its effects as hallucinogen, the three decide to turn in drug dealers being helped by Jota and Anabel, who introduce them in the night world of party and disco. Their success makes that the five meet the eccentric owner of a disco, Tacho, who asks them more pills to sell in his local. In their new situation things seem to better: Gloria starts to feel attracted again by Pedro, Arturo starts to date with Isa, Jota’s mother, and Eligio wins easy money to get his parents’ respect. But suddenly the situation changes to worse: Isa is revealed to be a police detective investigating Pedro’s new pill, Merino realizes Pedro’s night activities making pills in the university and Tacho demands a special shipment of 50 Kg. (110 Lbs.) under the threat to kill all them if they don’t accomplish it. Will can Pedro, Arturo and Eligio survive to Tacho’s demands and at the same time avoid to be arrested by Isa?




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IMDb: 5.7