Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)

Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)

Director: Leigh Whannell

Production Co:

Genre: ,,,


Duration: 97 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.1/10

Release: 2015

View: 1306

After trying to connect with her dead mother, teenager Quinn Brenner, asks psychic Elise Rainier to help her, she refuses due to negotiate events in her childhood. Quinn starts noticing paranormal events happen in her house. After a vicious attack from a demon her father goes back and begs Elise Rainier to use her abilities to contact the other side in hope to stop these attacks by this furious demon content for a body.
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User Reviews: I am going to be completely honest with you guys, I have never seen Insidious or its sequel. I saw this film today because i needed to pass some time and i couldn’t be bothered to wait an extra half an hour to see San Andreas. I’ve heard that the others in the series are good films but i am not a huge fan of modern horror and prefer the 70s/80s vibe that we got with It Follows. Insidious Chapter 3 doesn’t have that vibe, but it is still a lot better than most modern horror today and i found enjoyment out of it. I was also pleased that this film was a prequel because i had no trouble following the plot.