Liam: As It Was (2019)

Liam: As It Was (2019)


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Duration: 85 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 7.3/10

Release: 2019

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Documentary following musician Liam Gallagher, as he attempts to make a solo comeback.
User Reviews: If you’re a fan of Liam you’re going to see this documentary regardless of what anyone says. I ignored any reviews before watching it and I honestly didn’t expect it to be so candid and personal. I knew that Charlie Lightening had been filming Liam for a long time but I was unaware of the amount of footage there was. This film documents Liams journey from rock bottom at the end of Oasis to his journey with the under appreciated Beady Eye and straight back to the top where he rightly belongs with his solo career. The majority of this film is new footage and is worth watching for any fan.