Little Joe, the Wrangler-1942 more episode

Little Joe, the Wrangler-1942

Sheriff Bob Brewster (Tex Ritter) is unable to halt the outlaw activity in the mining community of Lamplight. To mask their depredations, the outlaws, pretending to be miners, bring in a stranger, Neal Wallace (Johnny Mack Brown), accusing him of the murder of their latest victim. Befriended by Little Joe Smith (Fuzzy Knight), Neal is saved from a lynching and reveals that he is actually an officer of the Monarch Mine. At Bob’s ranch, Neal meets Janet Hammond (Jennifer Holt, who refuses to believe his innocence. Neal, however, receives a telegram confirming his identity. Meanwhile, Neal prepares to roundup the gang members who made the false accusation. Learning of the telegram, the gang imprisons Janet, loads some stolen gold and attempts a getaway. Neal, Bob and Little Joe ride to rescue Janet while the leader of the miners organizes a posse. Besieged at the ore smelter, the outlaws are overcome in a gun battle. Janet is safe again while the outlaw leaders are caught and subdued in a wild, fistic fray with Bob and Neal.

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