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Love Meet Hope-2016

“The world was made round so that if two people who are meant to be together should choose to take different paths in life, they would wrap around and end up right back to each other to meet again, regardless of circumstance.” Love Meet Hope follows two characters: Morgan, a recent divorcée who is attending the memorial of his grandmother, and a young woman who works at the bakery Morgan frequents. While Morgan is mourning his failed marriage, and Morgan’s grandfather mourns the death of his adored wife, the young woman mourns the fact that love seems an ever-elusive fairytale to her. While at his grandmother’s memorial, Morgan encounters a book entitled “Love Meet Hope”, containing a series of love stories that his grandfather wrote for his grandmother. The stories are all imaginative and fantastical versions of how his grandfather and grandmother had fallen in love. Each chapter of the book focuses on a distinct element of love, but maintains the central theme of hope. Ultimately, when Morgan willingly opens his heart to love once again, he finds that the love he has been searching for has been right in front of him all along. Love Meet Hope is a movie about love and relationships, letting go of your past, and finding the courage to change. Morgan reluctantly accepts the forces of nature that are out of his control, and in doing so, he experiences a victory that comes with his ability to ultimately smile. It is through the choice to maintain hope that this inspirational story is born, portraying the idea that once you choose hope, anything is possible. What makes this film so special is that it is meant to inspire and instill hope within each viewer. It is a beautifully unique project that does not fall under one specific genre. Rather, it contains elements of romance, action, drama and comedy all wrapped up to create a work of art.

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