Returned-2020 more episode


Having taken revenge on a criminally connected homophobe (and leaving a body), Ziggy finds herself marked for death in London. She escapes out to the coast, holding up in a remote cottage. With London behind her and time and space all she has with her, the darkness in her past catches up with her. Haunted by guilt and regret, her newly found solitude is shattered when her ex, Meiko re-appears, seemingly from the sea, despite being dead for several years. As Ziggy struggles to comprehend what is happening, she tries to reconnect with the re-appeared Meiko, who has nothing but residual memories of their past. With Meiko seeming like a shadow or a reflection of the departed person she was, Ziggy’s sanity slowly crumbles and matters are made worse when a hitman with unclear intentions tracks her to the coast and begins toying with her.

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