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Strange Lady in Town-1955

In 1880 New Mexico, a young female doctor from Boston arrives in Santa Fe to establish her new medical practice. Dr. Julia Garth is set to live with her brother, U.S. Cavalry lieutenant David Garth. The town already has a male physician, Dr. Rourke O’Brien. His tomboy niece, Spurs O’Brien, has a teenage crush on the handsome Cavalry lieutenant David Garth. The first hospital of this community is managed by Catholic priest Father Gabriel Mendoza and a few nuns. However, these are times when female doctors are almost unheard of. Some people even consider it a shameful offense for a woman to intrude in a man’s profession. The traditional view is that women’s roles should only be limited to the minding of the household and the rearing of children. Therefore, Dr. Julia Garth’s arrival in town and her medical practice ruffles many feathers, not the least some of the more conservative townsfolk’s. Dr. Rourke O’Brien is no exception. He arrogantly dismisses Julia Garth’s competency but he secretly falls in-love with the beautiful Easterner. Dr. Garth also brings to the West the latest medical theories, equipment and innovations. The only positive welcomes she gets are from the peace and harmony loving priest and from the poor Mexican and Indian community. Over time, Dr. Julia Garth has to prove herself a capable and trusted physician and gain the respect and confidence of the whole town. When some of Dr. Rourke O’Brien’s patients switch their medical provider by flocking to Dr. Garth’s office, O’Brien becomes envious and jealous of Dr. Garth. Nevertheless, there is a powerful attraction between the two and a romance is afoot. Unfortunately, her brother David, an avid poker player, is frequently accused of cheating at cards. When a man accuses him of cheating and also of selling stolen cattle to the army, David completely looses his cool and shoots the man dead. Being afraid of an eventual court-martial, David Garth robs the bank and skips town. The incensed townsfolk order Dr. Julia Garth out of town. It’s up to Dr. O’Brien to save the day.

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