The Insatiable (2006)

The Insatiable (2006)


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Duration: 103 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 5.5/10

Release: 2006

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Harry Balbo, a nerdy and spineless flange salesman, witness a violent killing by a gorgeous female vampire in a alley. Nobody believes him, neither does the police. Obsessed by the woman, Harry soon contacts a neighbor named Strickland, who is a vampire hunter, because he wants to find her. They begin to track the zone where she hunts to locate her refuge…
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User Reviews: The movie just came out a couple of months ago in Germany. They retitled it "Kiss and Die". Go figure what and especially who makes those title changes. But what is more important, that the movie ain’t half bad. If you like B-movies that is, because we don’t get any new story elements or anything else out of it. There is a nice tweak here and there and it is nice to see Michael Biehn too. But overall the story and how it evolves is pretty predictable.