The Princess Switch (2018)

The Princess Switch (2018)

Director: Mike Rohl

Production Co:

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Duration: 101 min

Quality: N/A

IMDb: 6/10

Release: 2018

View: 540

Stacy, a type-a planner with a penchant for schedules, takes a spontaneous trip to the charming land of Belgravia at the encouragement of her sous chef and best friend, Kevin. While preparing for the Royal Christmas Baking Contest, Stacy finds herself faced with an identical stranger, and a strange request. Free-spirited but royally obligated, Duchess Margaret Delacourt wants nothing so much as one last chance to experience life as a “normal person” before she dutifully marries the crown Prince of Belgravia. Stacy can give her that wish. From questionable equestrian skills and the true meaning of charity to slipping accents and snowball fights, this is an adventure that no holiday romantic should miss.
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User Reviews: If you want to just sit down, relax and watch a cute, fun and happy movie like I did after 10 hours of work, it’s a good movie. I like Vanessa Hudgens and she was great in this role. Of course, when it comes to these type of movies it’s a bit cringe and the acting isn’t the best to hope for, but like I said, it’s a good movie if you just want to pass the time and make it worth your while.