The Rookie s2 e11 Day of Death more episode

The Rookie s2 e11 Day of Death

Caleb Wright has abducted Lucy Chen and buries her alive, after a frustrated escape attempt, in a steel barrel in the desert. Nick’s despair obviously only amusing Rosalind, it’s up to ‘amusing gentleman’ Nolan to question her and extract some clues. The whole team makes the case its ole priority, even stickler Tim uses illicit force on a suspect to speed up a lead, but to little avail as time runs out. Nolan works on Rosalind’s pride to turn her against Caleb, who gets all the press attention, and lures guilt-consumed Nick into a trap. Caleb’s new hideout is finally found, but he gets shot during the raid, so Tim desperately looks for a clue as nothing can be spotted from the police helicopter in the vast void.

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