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Turu, the Wacky Hen (2019)

Turuleca is a hen unable to lay eggs as the rest of the chicken. Property of the cheater hen breeder Sr. Cocoricó, he arrives to the little town of Villa Armonía to trade, where he deceives the nice aging woman Isabel to buy Turuleca in order to get rid her. Isabel, a retired music teacher, decides to play songs hoping that the music helps Turuleca to lay eggs, just to discover that Turuleca is able to understand her new owner. Teaching her human language as well as a lot of songs to sing, Turuleca lives in the farm with Isabel and her other animals as cow Melodía, sheep Ritmo and hog Compás. But this happiness ends abruptly when one day Isabel falls to the ground and she’s taken to a hospital with amnesia. Trying to meet Isabel again Turuleca leaves the farm to follow the ambulance, but she loses it by the way and Turuleca arrives at Circus Daedalus, where its owner Antonio has a great debt with the ruthless businessman Armando Tramas, a former contortionist expelled from the circus by Antonio’s father many years ago after to cause an accident on purpose to injure Antonio and finish his starting carrier as tightrope walker. Antonio’s son Matías meets Turuleca and saves her after she falls to a river, discovering Turuleca’s ability to talk. With help of little Lucía, daughter of the trapeze artists Boris and Irina, Matías convinces his father to introduce Turuleca as new star of the circus, working with the rest of partners as strong-woman Hipólita and the two clowns Don Pepito and Don José. Turning her in a new sensation, Turuleca helps Antonio to pay the debt, but Tramas, with his strongman but naive henchmen Rudy, will tries to steal Turuleca to ruin the circus and be rich using her for his own nefarious business. When Circus Daedalus arrives finally to the big city, Turuleca doubts between to locate Isabel to restore her memory, and help Matías and Lucía for not losing the circus, while Tramas keeps close to her, waiting for the right moment to fulfill his master plan: kidnap Turuleca and revenge of Antonio taking his beloved circus.

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