Wasted Talent (2018)

Wasted Talent (2018)

Director: Steve Stanulis

Production Co:

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Duration: 66 min

Quality: N/A

IMDb: 5.1/10

Release: 2018

View: 224

Wasted Talent is a gritty documentary where director Steve Stanulis and producer Noel Ashman together examine the temptations and struggles many young celebrities go through on their rise to stardom. It focuses on the story of actor Lillo Brancato who was once considered to be the next Robert De Niro, after his huge success starring in the films A Bronx Tale(De Niro’s directorial debut), Renaissance Man, Crimson Tide and the classic TV show The Sopranos. However, Brancato got trapped in the underworld of Hollywood instead becoming a drug addict culminating in his arrest for the murder of a new York city police officer on a drug excursion gone horribly wrong. Though Brancato was cleared of the murder charge, he still did eight and a half years in jail on an attempted burglary conviction. During his time in prison, the young actor was finally able to get clean and sober and is now struggling to redeem himself in the fickle world of entertainment.
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The film buff
User Reviews: The description of this documentary claims it is examining temptations and struggles of young celebrities on the rise to fame. Um. It focuses on actor Lillo Brancato exclusively. In a nutshell, it mostly focuses on how he got the part in The Bronx Tale, his drug addiction which led to a cop being murdered and how still today New York cops still hate him.
Which is fine because it was an interesting story but after watching the one hour and six minute documentary I googled the story and found out he went to prison for 8 1/2 years and I’m not sure they even told us that part. Maybe it was passively mentioned so I didn’t even realize it.
Even though I found the documentary interesting and I enjoyed watching it I’m still not entirely sure what it’s supposed to be about. Kind of jumped all over the place and just gave me bits and pieces of random information.