Adam Garcia

Tod auf dem Nil (2022)

“Mr Branagh interpretation of classic AG novel simply doesnu0026#39;t make the grade. Casting is poor,dialogue abysmal and most of it not true or even close to the book or even previous iterations. Fictional insertions are inserted into the story that are not and never were in the novel for whou0026#39;s sake IDK. It is hard […]

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Death Link (2021)

“It had me guessing for a good part of the movie and when I figured it out I only got it partially correct. Will totally watch it again. I thought it was well done and the acting was great. They are suppose to be twity teenagers and so they acted like it. Looking forward to […]

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A Mouthful of Air (2021)

“This film is about mental health, postpartum depression. I love the way they directed the film. Instead of showing knife or bloody scene, they showed her facial expression to let us feel the pain. Such an emotional movie. Amanda did an amazing job portrait her character.”

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