Anna Marie Dobbins

Fatal Memory (2022)

“Grace has a car accident, comes out of a month-long coma, and canu0026#39;t remember the last 5 years. But thatu0026#39;s only the beginning of her troubles and some of her family tries to help her recover but not all. Why not everyone? Tune in to find out. Kate Watson did a great job as Grace! […]

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Mr. Birthday (2021)

“I had the pleasure of seeing this at a midnight screening of the Seattle International Film Festival. Wow. This may have been the strangest film ever produced. It is a comedy, a claustrophobic thriller, a love story (well, sort of), a monster movie, and a porno all at once. It would be not enough to […]

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Dying to Marry Him (2021)

“This movie would have been average at best, but the acting was so atrocious, especially that of the male lead, that it took it quickly to sub-par. Because of the bad acting, many of the scenes that were supposed to be serious were comical such as the exaggerated expressions of the villain, Amy, and the […]

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