Dash Mihok

Tiefe Wasser (2022)

“… this film is just weird-stupid in sooo many different ways… storyline is the absurd worst… along with the fact no matter how attractive she might be, that attractiveness is totally lost in the horrid character she portrays in this bleak-production… his acting is zombie-like to a ludicrous degree (normal-Affleck)… why movies like this get […]

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Ray Donovan: The Movie (TV Movie 2022)

“Ray Donovan is my favorite series of all time. Iu0026#39;ve watched it weekly when it was on and ten times on stream. This ending was absolutely incredible. No spoilers needed. The movie wasnu0026#39;t even a movie. It was a long episode with all the attention to detail from the entire series. Ray got his peace […]

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