David Kaye

The Wedding Veil (TV Movie 2022)

“This movie was well written and the depth of the storyline. Lacey Chabert and Kevin McGarry played off each other brilliantly. I enjoyed their playful banter throughout the movie! The appearances by Autumn Reeser and Alison Sweeneyu0026#39;s characters were placed perfectly. I canu0026#39;t wait for the other 2 movies in the trilogy!”

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Eight Gifts of Hanukkah (TV Movie 2021)

“Letu0026#39;s begin with by stating the movie is only casually related to Hanukkah. It is about a guy trying to win the heart of the girl he pines for, with eight thoughtful gifts. Though the idea is not really innovative, it may still work for a romantic story. Sara(h), Inbar Lavi, is quite beautiful and […]

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