Jake Kasdan

Non-Disclosure (2022)

“Bad Teacher is a great concept that resulted in a style of humor like most of the Adult Swim cartoons you see today: When the jokes hit they hit well, but when they miss, they miss quite badly. The cast was delightful, but could only go so far with the material. As a matter of […]

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The Covid Killer (2021)

“Cameron Diaz is someone that must be so, SO depressing for many middle-aged women. Bursting onto the screen like a shimmering vision of hotness in u0026quot;The Masku0026quot; when only 21 she then appeared as a highly believable high-school student 4 years later in u0026quot;Thereu0026#39;s Something about Maryu0026quot;. Now SIXTEEN years after that in u0026quot;Sex Tapeu0026quot; […]

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