John Ortiz

The In Between (2022)

“This film was positively wonderful. I am dumbstruck at itu0026#39;s IMDB rating. nFor crying out loud itu0026#39;s a magical childrenu0026#39;s tale with a soundtrack that includes Brian Eno/Robert Fripp and 70s soul jams. Itu0026#39;s disability-positive, the way the sound is done to convey deaf children navigating NYC is extremely creative and well done. The art […]

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The Fallout (2021)

“This was amazing movie, digging deep into mental issues and traumas after school shooting. If you are not afraid of exploring those issues def. Go watch this movie. And wow J Ortega is brilliant here – range of emotions she was able to portray in those most emot. Scenes was f-king amazing.”

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