Kate Watson

Fatal Memory (2022)

“Grace has a car accident, comes out of a month-long coma, and canu0026#39;t remember the last 5 years. But thatu0026#39;s only the beginning of her troubles and some of her family tries to help her recover but not all. Why not everyone? Tune in to find out. Kate Watson did a great job as Grace! […]

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Dangerous Snow Day (2021)

“Maggie, is an au pair for a wealthy couple, Frederick and Kristen Cargill, who have 2 kids. Trouble is Mr. Cargill has the hots for Maggie and when she refuses his advances, he fires her and makes sure she canu0026#39;t get another job, anywhere! Movie was well-written and well acted. Definitely recommended!”

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Killer Advice (2021)

“I donu0026#39;t understand some of these bad reviews! I thought the script was fun and it kept me wanting more, albeit a few small holes in the story. The twists and turns kept me glued and transitions worked pretty seamlessly.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eKate Watson did an excellent job of navigating Bethu0026#39;s character, making her relatable, yet complex and […]

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