Kipp Tribble

Evil at the Door (2022)

“This documentary was not objective at all. The questions were leading the interviewees to a predetermined direction and the commentary presented a biased view instead of providing some kind of fresh viewpoint to the subject. Would not recommend anyone to waste time on this, there are already too many similar documentaries.”

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Death Link (2021)

“It had me guessing for a good part of the movie and when I figured it out I only got it partially correct. Will totally watch it again. I thought it was well done and the acting was great. They are suppose to be twity teenagers and so they acted like it. Looking forward to […]

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The Stay (2021)

“Story by: Scott HammnWritten by: Scott HammnDirected by: Scott HammnProduced by: Scott HammnActed in by: Scott Hammn….and yes…reviewed by: Scott Hammu003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eHereu0026#39;s a definition of the word Ham: u0026quot;An actor who is overly theatrical – in other words, u0026#39;overactsu0026#39; – is usually referred to as u0026#39;hamu0026#39;. … The word is frequently used in everyday contexts to […]

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