Laurent Zeitoun

Fireheart (2022)

“u0026quot;Fireheartu0026quot; is a good Canadian-French co-production animated film, the work of the animators is excellent. I was reluctant to watch this movie at first after how bad the also French animated movie u0026quot;Pilu0026quot; was, however u0026quot;Fireheartu0026quot; has great charm and doesnu0026#39;t ask for anything from well-known animation companies. The script is about following your dreams […]

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Simple as Water (2021)

“I donu0026#39;t get the negative reviews. Granted, the humour is crude – but it is precisely it being over the top that makes it so great. I havenu0026#39;t laughed like that in a long time! It is very well written: all the seemingly insignifigant little elements turn out to have its comedic purpose sooner or […]

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