Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Single Black Female (2022)

“The idea of the movie is to make a homage/parody of B movies and recreate a distilled grind-house experience, with an oversized budget, A-list star cast and by two top directors, resources that none of the trashy genre movies had. It is a work of love and a guilty pleasure to watch, though the first […]

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Kate (2021)

“Enjoyable and stylish. Unfortunately itu0026#39;s pretty much more of the same action fare weu0026#39;ve seen hundreds of times before. Most major plot points were fairly predicable and the u0026#39;twistu0026#39; near the end you can see coming a mile away.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe car chase at the beginning showed promise by offering a slightly new perspective but the sequence […]

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