Matt Hamilton

Ein Trauzeuge zum Verlieben (TV Movie 2021)

“Why would a person, in support of a community garden, think that the benefits to the community come close to being more important than affordable housing. Shelter vs. The benefits of mental well-being of working the soil. A nonstarter for me. Next, an engaged couple so divergent on family u0026amp; location vs job opportunities should […]

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North to Home (2022)

“This was a very touching (and realistic) story of the aftermath of a 25 year old tragedy and what happened to the siblings involved. Thoroughly enjoyable and u0026quot;believableu0026quot;. Sad, joyful, well worth your time.”

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A Vineyard Romance (TV Movie 2021)

“The premise doesnu0026#39;t exactly fit the common writer-goes-home premises, but itu0026#39;s close and there are many of the other usual tropes as well. There is some educational stuff about wine which also has been done. There are no great highs or lows or surprises. The conflict has been there from the start and the resolution […]

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