Melissa Leo

Ida Red (2021)

“Sometimes a movie just nails it with all the right moves and subtleties and flows like a crazy river through your dark, poetic need to be entertained by a film of this genre. But without all the profanity, over-acting, and senseless, overworked drivel that passes for u0026quot;dramau0026quot; and u0026#39;effectu0026quot;. Bleak and violent as this is […]

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Body Brokers (2021)

“Very well executed movie, Iu0026#39;d say. The pacing might be slow, but it renders the feeling of aimlessness of the addicts. I would have wanted to be told what in the movie is true or invented, but if the numbers are true, and cash exchanges that easy, then the question really is who are the […]

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