Richard Siegelman

Evil at the Door (2022)

“This documentary was not objective at all. The questions were leading the interviewees to a predetermined direction and the commentary presented a biased view instead of providing some kind of fresh viewpoint to the subject. Would not recommend anyone to waste time on this, there are already too many similar documentaries.”

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Bad Witch (2021)

“Not a good film but hey itu0026#39;s the Covid era and we take what we can get. The acting is pretty awful (u0026quot;crazy big scarywide-eyesu0026quot; awful), the sound design is surprisingly decent and the writing is freaking hilarious (unintentionally).u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eMy main reason for writing this after seeing the film: BAD WITCHu0026#39;s producers u0026amp; writers should have […]

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